Contributing to Kovri

Code Development

Kovri is a community project, and appreciates quality code contributions from volunteer developers. Visit our contact and support section to get started with code development. The following requisites should be considered:

  • C++14 and higher
  • Boost 1.58 or higher
  • Network programming with Boost
  • Cryptography
    • AES
    • Diffie-Hellman
    • ElGamal
    • SHA family
    • HMAC
    • RSA
    • Ed25519 (TweetNaCl)
  • Experience with Crypto++
  • CMake + experience maintaining cross-platform compatibility (all supported platforms)
  • Anonymity systems and familiar with the various mix-network literature
  • Familiar with specifications that cover both the common overlay networks (I2P/Tor) as well as emerging systems (such as Kaztenpost/Panoramix)
  • Added bonuses would be experience with Bash/Python and Docker (all are used in our current testnet)